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Zero Sixty Front Brake Discs - VW Fox (Priced Per Pair)

Zero Sixty Front Brake Discs - VW Fox (Priced Per Pair)

VAG Performance

  • £11980



(256mm Disc Size)

ZEROSIXTY performance brake discs feature a unique dimpled and grooved pattern - both for better image and for better performance. The dimples eliminate the thermal cracking that can be found in drilled discs. Benefits also include enhanced brake fade characteristics and deglazing of the pads.

Each brake disc is produced to a very high specification - designed and engineered specifically for the requirements of Fast Road use. With rigourous quality controls ZEROSIXTY brake discs can lay claim to being one of the best manufactured aftermarket performance products in Europe.

Using the latest CNC machining technology and SPC techniques the ZEROSIXTY production facility is fully ISO BS 9001:2000 accredited, ensuring 100% total quality for every component. Manufactured from close grained perlitic grey cast iron, conforming to the quality requirements of BS 1452 (DIN1619), each component is machined to exacting dimensional tolerances for geometric flatness and parallelism.

Precision engineered by one of Europe's leading brake disc manufacturers
Specifically developed for high performance fast road use
Total quality, full range available, competitively priced
Dimpled and grooved & precision engineered
Grooves give rapid gas expulsion and deglazing of the brake pad
Improved resistance to distortion
Enhanced brake fade characteristics
Higher braking temperature range
Gives consistent, vibration free efficient braking
Acts as a wear indicator - Depth of groove is to minimum thickness of disc
Controlled chemical composition, hardness, microstructure and tensile strength

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