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Apex Springs MK5 Golf (Options Selectable Inside)

Apex Springs MK5 Golf (Options Selectable Inside)

VAG Performance

  • £10913


APEX Sport Springs easily replaces the standard springs on your vehicle, it will lower the car height by 30-40 mm depending on your purchase. Not only will the lowering springs improve your cars' handling, response & grip, but will add that extra touch of style that will make your car look different from the rest of the crowd. Your cars' suspension will be a little firmer but never too harsh. The apex is the most critical point in a turn. In Racing, the shortest distance through the turn is not the fastest. When making a fast turn the principle of 'slow in, fast out,' applies. The turn is cut across from the outside. The racing line runs outside, inside, outside. Outside (A) = equals the point of entry (B) = the apex, outside (C) = the point of exit. The driver sacrifices speed to ensure that at the point of entry (A), the car is in optimum balance for taking the turn. From that moment the driver can increase speed up to the apex (B). At this point the lateral forces are at their maximum. Beyond the apex he can accelerate away at full power.

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